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Boys and Girls Club of Dartmouth

Son Life Church

Dartmouth Community Health Board

Robert Chisholm, MP

Dartmouth High School

Darren Fisher, Councillor

Dartmouth North Community Centre

Dartmouth Community Health Teams

Harborview Elementary School

Dartmouth Family Centre

Spotlight on Public Safety Newsletter

Wellness Navigation
Do you want to be healthier but don’t know the next step?  Do you struggle with knowing where to go for help and support?  Our Wellness Navigator can help you find resources and programs in the health care system and the community. Please call 460-4555 for an appointment.  The Wellness Navigator can meet with you in your community. 

Health Planning Process Survey

The Dartmouth Community Health Board is gathering feedback for their Health Planning Process.  You may remember our last Health Plan that connected with over 4000 people in our district to determine what health priorities we should focus on for our health plan and our recommendations to Capital Health.  The issues focused on healthy eating, physical activity, mental health and access to information and services, just to name a few. This health plan has provided guidance to many people in Capital Health to understand what really matters to people in our district.   A key result of our health plan is that Community Health Boards have been advocating for a 211 service here and we now are delighted to see this service available to our communities. We also use the health priorities to assist us to make decisions about our Community Development Funds and our initiatives such as  offering Friends for Life training to schools to reduce anxiety among young students. 

As our new  community health planning phase is starting,  we would appreciate if individuals could complete our survey at  to ensure we have a  good representation of Dartmouth citizens.  Please help us understand  “ what matters to you about health?”



The Vial of Life contains your important medical information and is kept on the inside door of your fridge.  A sticker on the outside of the door alerts emergency personnel to the presence of the Vial. This information can help paramedics provide rapid and accurate care during an emergency. 
If you are interested in obtaining a freeVial, or for more information, please contact the Victorian Order of Nurses’ Senior Information Line at
454-5755 or the Volunteer Dartmouth Representative at 463-5806



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