Evening Bingo is played on Monday and Saturday nights at Farrell Hall 276 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, NS.

Doors open at 6:00 pm


NEW - Sunday Afternoon Bingo!

Doors open at 11:30. Mini starts at 1:00. Regular games at 1:45. 


Mini Games begin at 6:45pm - Prizes range from $10 to $30 progressively with a hardline special for 1/2 the take. The community special is split 50% of the take to the winner and 50% of the take to a local group or organization.

Regular Games begin at 7:30 pm - Prizes are  maximum $75.00 per game

Specials - Prizes are half the take.


Bingo Rules:

1. Once bingo has been called, the game stops for verification of cards.

2. Once a game has been verified as won and closed, no more winners will be considered for that game.

3. Should a question arise regarding the validity of any game, the game shall be stopped immediately and verified before continuing.


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